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Jesse Josh

Agogon Biri (Monkey's Watch)

Agogon Biri (Monkey's Watch)

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  • Original artwork, 2023
  • Acrylic, Plaster and Glue on canvas
  • 16 * 20 inches
  • Unframed


  • The painting is signed by the artist Jesse Josh

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This painting portrays a civilian who is acutely aware of the passing of time and is actively planning his next move. Despite the sense of gravity the situation conveys, the figure seems to exude a certain level of confidence and mischief. His eyes are filled with a sense of superiority, suggesting that he is up to something significant.

The figure is depicted holding a smoking object, which he seems to have indulged in excessively, yet refuses to share with others. This behavior suggests that the figure is self-centered and power-hungry. In fact, the phrase "shegen biri kawai" (which roughly translates to "he is full of himself") reinforces this notion of arrogance and selfishness.

Overall, the painting conveys a sense of tension and intrigue, with the figure appearing as a master manipulator, fully in control of his situation and surroundings.

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Jesse Josh

Jesse Josh Goje is a highly skilled visual artist whose passion for the ancient Nok civilization and black heritage is evident in his figurative paintings. His innovative use of the impasto technique, which involves mixing plaster of Paris powder with glue and acrylic/emulsion, creates a textured surface that pays homage to the rough surfaces of the original ancient Nok terracotta sculptures.

Jesse draws inspiration from his ancestry and heritage, specifically the Nok civilization, and receives signals through visions and internal vibrations. He sees himself as a bridge between the past, present, and future of the Nok civilization.

Through his art, Jesse aims to showcase the strength and beauty of the ancient Nok civilization, which is often overlooked and forgotten. He is determined to bring attention to the unique expressions, styles, and fashion of this civilization and emphasize its continuity in modern times. Jesse's work is a testament to his passion for preserving and celebrating black heritage.