Selling Point

Selling Point

Nifemi William
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Year: 2022

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

My Selling Point

Why I'm the centre of attraction

Everything looks ordinary

Adding a little extra work to the ordinary

Then it becomes extraordinary

The buyer embraces the culinary

Appreciates the finery

Glad to be a beneficiary

Of my extraordinary

And I grin at my auditory

The glitter of a business this is....that the ordinary eye can't see except with the inner eye.

Perception it's called,

Guaranteeing we're above competition.

And in the space we roar

Not a business whore

Good points we score

As our jewel of creation hits the floor.

About the Artist

 Nifemi William is a painter,

born and brought up in Lagos, Nigeria.

He describes himself as en experimental painter who works with mixed media, figurative art and is inspired by spontaneity.

"In order to tell a perfect story, you must become a storyteller,

To listen required two ears,

To give life, you must have one."

He tells his stories through the bird eye view of his cultural values and something he describes as an inner cord of his mind.

His art can easily be defined as making beauty out of chaos.