Adinkra and Ambition: Faith Omole’s Story

Adinkra and Ambition: Faith Omole’s Story

Hailing from the quiet town of Kogi State, Nigeria, Faith Omole is a self-taught visionary artist who captures the soul of Africa through her evocative works in acrylic on canvas and intricate mask-making. Today, we look into her many inspirations, challenges, and her advice to other artists.


Faith Omole photographed by Iyanuoluwaponinuayemi/Kuta Arts Foundation


artdey: Can you tell us about the challenges you faced when you were initially unable to pursue your passion for art in university? How did you navigate those obstacles?

Faith Omole: In the university, I found myself constantly bored and uninterested in activities that weren’t remotely related to art or activism. I became the coordinator of an organization called Activista and would spend a lot of  time in the art department. I tried pushing the passion away but it stayed.


A Longing by Faith Omole, 2023


artdeyWhat inspired you to incorporate Adinkra symbols into your artwork? Can you share some examples of how these symbols represent themes of resilience and cultural identity in your pieces?

Faith Omole: I was inspired by the deep meaning these symbols possess.
Each piece adds up to tell the story on my canvas. For example, the cowry is the most common symbol in my pieces and that is so because it connotes wealth in the immaterial, such as the love of a family unit.


artdey: Despite the challenges you faced early in your artistic journey, your work has garnered attention and acclaim. How does it feel to see your art resonate with audiences around the world?

Faith Omole: I feel excited actually but also unsure. While art is subjective, I want my work to matter years to come. I want my stories to be recognized by as many people as possible in the way I intended. But mostly, I want impact and I fear I’ll be stuck in the rat chase like most creatives just swallowed up in the noise.


Passion by Faith Omole, 2023


artdey: For aspiring artists who may face similar obstacles in pursuing their passions, what advice would you give them based on your own experiences?

Faith Omole:  To be original and stick to their own unique stories. Trying to make popular art will leave us all sounding alike and not tackling societal issues and to seek new experiences.

Her art reflects her activism, and the world around her, this makes her art impactful. Shop her vibrant figurative pieces here

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