Collection: Chiamaka Esinulo

Chiamaka Esinulo is a contemporary Nigerian artist from Imo State. She lives and works in Lagos. Chiamaka exhibited artistic abilities from a very early age and pursued her passion by furthering her education in the arts.

A graduate of Fine and Applied Arts (Painting) from Imo State University, Owerri, her painting titled "Power Tussle" was featured on the cover page of Mbari Issue VI Magazine in 2020. Another of her paintings, "Black Kink," was featured in Polemical Zine, an online magazine, for Black History Month in 2021. She was also one of the finalists of the Life in My City Art Festival (LIMCAF) in 2023.

Chiamaka is inspired by how human existence complements time, depicting this through her unique style. Her work strives to define the essence of life with figurative expressions, exploring complimentary and harmonious colors to create mood. She fuses African heritage and cultural diversities into her work through the use of patterns on the costumes of her subjects.