Collection: Oluwadamilola Ajala

Zainab Oluwadamilola Ajala is a semi-realism artist and a Fine and Applied Art graduate from Obafemi Awolowo University, Osun State. As an environmentalist, Zainab's artwork is dedicated to educating and raising awareness about the importance of maintaining a green and clean environment.

Her artistic style is a fusion of abstraction and realism, capturing the real and unreal aspects of daily human life. Ajala employs vibrant and captivating colors to convey her messages effectively. She utilizes oil and acrylics and employs the palette knife as her tool of choice, giving her the freedom to express herself through the impasto technique.

Zainab's remarkable talent has taken her to various exhibitions, within and outside Nigeria. Her notable participation in events like 'iDesign Art' in June 2023 at Soto
Gallery,  'Woman, Phenomenally' in October 2023 at Spiralis Gallery, and the +234 Art Fair by Ecobank PLC 2024 has garnered attention for her work. 

She's an active Member of  'The Seed of the True Vine' (TSTTV) an NGO led by Mr Opedun Oluwadamilola Moses who serves as both her mentor and boss in the art world. She's also a member of the Global Art in Medicine cohort 4.