Collection: Buchi Okeke

Maduabuchi Precious Okeke  is a Nigerian mixed media artist who hails from Ebonyi State, Nigeria. With formal training in painting from Auchi Polytechnic (2018), he is a passionate conceptual minimalist who showcases how minimalism can be therapeutic for the eyes and mind.

His expression depictions are mainly figurative forms that lack color but feature contour lines and patterns that engage his audience in conversation. Through his art, he illuminates the voices of his subjects on canvas while evoking emotional moods from all perspectives of life to strengthen the weak.

Maduabuchi has an unbridled passion for mental health issues concerning both young and old people alike, using minimalism as a means to express his thoughts and self-discovery journey . Currently based in Lagos, Nigeria, he practices full-time as anartist with plans to continue doing so into 2023 and beyond.