Collection: Taiwo Owoyemi

Taiwo Owoyemi, a multidisciplinary visual artist born in the early 80s, received academic training at the Obafemi Awolowo University and the University of Benin, earning a B.ED in 2006 and an MFA in 2015, respectively.

He observed the phenomenon of his society's large digestive system that constantly rejects used materials. Owoyemi delved into investigating various options for these perceived junks as alternative materials in creating his art. He discovered the splendor in discarded aluminum soda cans, which come in different colors and shades. Through his constant engagement with this material, he developed a new formal technique, "Repoussé Assemblage Sculpture" (RAS), exploring the possibilities and audacity of artistic posturing. In addition to his media exploration, his works reflect his conscious concern about human choices in relation to psychological and social affairs.

Taiwo has three solo exhibitions to his credit, with the most recent titled "One Man’s Junk," held at the Didi Museum in Lagos, Nigeria, in May 2021. He has also participated in several workshops and group exhibitions.