Collection: Faith Omole

Hailing from the quiet town in Kogi State, Nigeria, Faith Omole is a self-taught visionary
artist who captures the soul of Africa through her evocative works in acrylic on canvas
and intricate mask-making. Greatly influenced by the profound symbolism of Adinkra,
originating from Ghana, her art is a homage to African heritage, a testament to the dying
wisdom of a culture under siege.

Although she was forced into studying science by her parents when she had wanted to
study art all along, she got a degree in Microbiology but struggled to perfect
her skill in painting. She eventually finished university in 2022, left home, and decided to
build her professional career in Lagos, Nigeria.

Omole has since then exhibited in several galleries, and her work was recently displayed in the maiden edition of the +234 Art Fair curated by Soto Gallery in partnership with Eco Bank. Currently in a residency program fully funded by the Kuta Art Foundation, Abeokuta, she is set to exhibit in an upcoming show in the diaspora.