Collection: Ekene May

Ekene May, a Nigerian Afro-Pop artist and poet, earned a Bachelor’s in English Language at Ahmadu Bello University. Her work, mostly in acrylics, uses "subtle impasto" as her style, with a tinge of AfroPopArt, embedded in its niche, so that she expresses thoughts and human emotions using vibrant colors, bold abstract heterogeneous figures (culled from the akua'ba dolls of the Fante people of Ghana), satire, oversized glasses (which serve as distinctive metaphors per time), elements of fashion and popular culture, all in a bid to tell Contemporary African Stories.

May's painting, "Magnificent" made the top 19 at the Spanish Arts Contest in 2023. She is a Juror for APEX ART, New York City, and has participated in the Made In Nigeria Art Contests, Masterclasses, and numerous art Exhibitions. Her works sold out at the maiden edition of the plus234 ArtFair by Soto Gallery, 2024. She is a member of the Female Artists Association of Nigeria (FEAAN) and has participated in several group exhibitions.