Our Story

Founded in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, artdey is an online marketplace dedicated to supporting the historically underrepresented market of African contemporary art by connecting African artists to global collectors.


With ethics, sustainability and inclusivity as the core mission, artdey is focused on promoting independent artists who have invested a considerable amount of time and energy in their work but haven't gotten the opportunity to display it to a broader audience. We connect African artists to global collectors with our platform, thus diversifying their income impacted by the pandemic. 


In keeping with our dedication to curating, sourcing, and exhibiting art of African artists, over 70% of our revenue goes directly to our artists. Since conception, we have successfully onboarded and managed 50 artists from Nigeria and Ghana. These artists are phenomenal, and their interests span religion, politics, and the environment.

artdey has gradually developed an international reputation as a hotspot for emerging artists and a marketplace for art shoppers, including interior and film set decorators. Notable pieces from artdey were featured in Season 2 of Apple TV’s crime show “Truth Be Told” and Peacock’s “Belair," an exciting, dramatic retelling of the popular sitcom Fresh Prince of Belair created by Morgan Cooper and Executive Producer Will Smith.