Benjamin Omoike

Benjamin Omoike


Who is Benjamin Omoike?

I am a contemporary visual artist from Edo state, born and bred in Lagos. Even before I graduated from Auchi Polytechnic, I was in love with colours, and that love has pushed me through the years to keep creating.

My work is inspired by people’s emotions, moods and feelings, and illusions of living conditions and perspectives in the urban community.

I love art, and I enjoy creating. It gives me comfort, and It’s my safe space - one thing about me, though, is that I don’t start when I’m sad.

Why not?

There are some artworks that artists can make when they’re sad or in the mood. It’ll be very intense when they’re finished and even fit perfectly with the theme. But that’s not how it is for me.

One thing that happens is is that if I paint when I’m in a sad mood, the colours are usually very vivid - very harsh, and not as beautiful and harmonious as I feel it to be.

Can you talk a bit about your techniques?

As an artist, you need to be different, to rediscover yourself. There’s no need to follow others; stand out. Currently, I am working with ropes in my paintings. I’ve been exploring it since 2013, and I believe that the more you work with and study your art, the more you understand what works for it (and you).

I also try to use other materials like polythene and nylon.

Who are the women in your life that have inspired you?

It has come to my attention that women are usually the centre of my pieces.

Women are the foundation of this world, and they significantly impact life. Studying them gives me comfort and joy because they look beautiful to collectors and buyers.

The influences for my work are - my mum. She fought her way to the top. My wife has left a legacy. And every woman out there that I’ve come across. They are the inspiration behind my art. They have helped a lot, and I am grateful.

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