Esther in Her Own Words

Esther in Her Own Words

Creative process are different from artist to artist as they portray an artist's unique identity and how it helps them create their pieces. Esther Obiwuru is no different from other artists with her noticeable change in art styles from her early work in the Bushman Collective to pursuing art by her lonesome. This is Esther in her words.

“My creative process has been a difficult one. I wanted to study Mass Communication, fortunately for me, Lagos State Polytechnic, Lagos(my alma mater) gave me Art and Industrial Design. It was tough, discouraging and difficult at first because I didn’t have much knowledge of general Art, but with persistence and consistency, I learnt Art and became better. My lecturers lectured me well and my place of Industrial training (universal studios of Art, Lagos) also played an important role in my art journey. Before the finished my HND, I became better and graduated as one of the best students in my set. 

Over the years, I have worked on developing my art style. After school, I mastered realism, water drip, landscape paintings, and portrait painting. I also learnt how to use acrylic colours and lots more. 

My style of art has evolved. I decided to make my figure's skin colours darker. I use the juxtaposition of basic shapes and more vibrant and warm colours for my background. I sometimes make the figures lie down to best express myself.

The challenge I have faced in creating my works is conceptualizing the ideas I want to transfer into my canvas. Once this is done and gotten right, every other thing in my work takes shape.

The challenge I faced selling my works back then was getting the right audience and collectors. But over time, I am beginning to gain more recognition in the art industry, which has helped me gather and still gather collectors, and online and offline galleries who are gaining interest in my works. I am not where I want to be, but so far, there has been a good improvement in selling my work.”

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