The Okohs

The Okohs

'In family life, love is the oil that eases friction, the cement that binds closer together, and the music that brings harmony.’  Friedrich Nietzsche

Iquo Meg Okoh, Tymharry Nelson Okoh, Matosan Okoh  L-R 

How did you get into Art?

IQUO-MEG: my name is Margaret Iquo Okoh and my husband is an artist, Nelson Okoh.. We have been married for 24 years and we have five kids and two adopted children. I learned by watching my husband paint. I worked with the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) for 4 years as a makeup artist and did face painting for kids. My husband tried to get me into art seeing as I always had an artistic bent. He told me that he would sell my paintings if I ever took it up. 

At first, my kids were not interested in painting. They only knew how to draw.. However, It just happened; they just started painting, first with watercolor and then acrylics. When they tried it for the first time and it came out nice, they loved it, and it is amazing that they both have their own style. There is never a dull moment in the house. All my kids are talented.

My first painting was a monochrome painting of a mother and child, which my husband sold to Nike Art Gallery. This was between 2004/2005. I was so happy.

TYMHARRY NELSON: my name is Tymharry Nelson Okoh, I started painting in 2012. My first painting was a portrait. My dad Nelson Okoh taught me how to paint. I started drawing when I was very young and until now I have been doing both.

MATOSAN: my name is Matosan Okoh and I started painting at the age of 13. I learned painting from my dad. I also do music, graphic design, CGI, video editing, all of that creative stuff. I started out drawing until I decided to try out painting.

What/Who is your inspiration?

IQUO-MEG: The joy that emanates from my husband when he paints is my inspiration. It is fun scribbling something down. It may look stupid at first but eventually, something meaningful comes from it. He gives me and my kids ideas sometimes . There is art everywhere. You just have to open your eyes and see. . I love fun; it is the fun part of me that wants to paint, and what I paint also depends on my mood.

TYMHARRY NELSON: Nature inspires me and most of my paintings are landscapes. I also draw inspiration from Pinterest, Behance etc.

MATOSAN: My dad inspires me to paint and he is my biggest influence. I love making art. It gives me joy. 

What is your favorite painting?

MATOSAN: My favorite painting is a portrait of a girl. I did not want to sell it but had to at some point. It is my favorite because I did not believe I could do something like that. It was my best work ever. It came out better than I expected

Who is your favorite artist?

IQUO-MEG: My husband is my favorite artist. His paintings have a certain kind of feel to them, and I love them so much.

What does your art represent?

IQUO-MEG: My art represents fun. I love people coming together. If I have my way, I will have more children (laughs).  I love putting colors and images together that can evoke happiness.

TYMHARRY NELSON: my art represents beauty and design.

MATOSAN: My art is for the deep thinkers. When making art, I focus on the eyes because they tell the story of the whole painting. I pull the energy I feel towards my art when making it. I love making portraits.

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