4 Types of Art Buyers

4 Types of Art Buyers


The art world is a complex and fun one. It is filled with various people interested in art for different reasons. Here are the different types of art buyers you’ll meet in the art world

First-time buyers

First-time buyers are often buying art as a gift. They may purchase art as a way to start a collection, or they may want to add something beautiful and meaningful to their home. They may have been in the background of the art world for some time, plotting how to begin their entry into the main space. Some read up extensively on the type of art they want; others may buy on a whim.

First-time buyers when they find out how much artworks cost

Art collectors looking to add to their portfolio

Art collectors looking to add to their portfolio usually buys art for investment purposes. This is the most common type of art buyer, and they have a variety of motivations for buying art:

  • They want to store it away for future generations. Some people collect and frame old photographs, postcards, or other memorabilia from their travels so that they can look back on them later with fondness.

  • Others want to keep certain pieces around as reminders of specific times (like when they were young). Some people find it comforting or inspiring to have something around that reminds them of happier times in life—and this applies especially if there's an element of nostalgia involved!

  • Some may want to be known as art collectors!

African art collectors wondering how to buy art with the crazy dollar rate

People who buy art only to brag about it

The social aspect of collecting is often what motivates people: They want others around them (friends, family members) to recognize their good taste (or bad). You can find these art buyers at an exhibition bragging about some piece they got from a super private artist in the deep desert who only sells their work to the most qualified collectors. They can be pretty pretentious (don’t beat us, thanks )

Accurate depiction of an art bragger

Investment buyers

These people are looking to make money with the art they buy. They may be willing to pay more than the asking price. Art is their business, and they are in the business of art. They maintain close relationships with artists and art managers.


A group of investment buyers

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