Anatomy of a 'Disobedient' Woman

Anatomy of a 'Disobedient' Woman

The Oscars may have come and gone, but we’re not taking out the red carpet anytime soon. We celebrate Justine Triet, the French director and screenwriter whose hit 2023 film, ‘Anatomie D’un Chute’ (‘Anatomy of a Fall’) took home over 90 accolades this past awards season. Triet is one of the many outspoken women in the arts and film industry making history. 

 Like the film scene, the art industry is still very male-dominated, even with the wheel slowly turning in women’s favour, and this is why Justine Triet’s win is to be celebrated. Similarly, women like Nike Davies-Okundaye, an influential Nigerian artist, have fearlessly challenged political and patriarchal norms through their art and advocacy. Wangechi Mutu, hailing from Kenya, has significantly contributed to feminist discourse by empowering African women through her art.


Fatimah Tuggar and Nike Davies-Okundaye


Fatimah Tuggar, a visual artist renowned for subverting stereotypical portrayals of women, especially in technology and media, disrupts conventional gender roles and expectations by portraying women in unconventional and empowered roles within her artwork. Just like Triet faced pushback, these disobedient women have encountered consequences for their efforts to smash the patriarchy and shatter the glass ceiling.



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