Beyoncé's Act II and The Reclamation of Country Music

Beyoncé's Act II and The Reclamation of Country Music


Beyhive grab your cowboy hats, fringe boots, and lasso cause the QUEEN is back again and ready to storm the world of country music with two new tracks: “Texas Hold ‘Em” & “16 Carriages”.

These catchy new singles have got us buzzing with excitement as she continues on her mission to reclaim stolen black music genres like pop, disco, and now country music. And that’s not all! We’ll be dancing to Act II, her BRAND-NEW country album next month. Can we hear you say “HEYY MS CARTER”?

Big B is finding her way back to her southern roots with references to Junior Parker’s “Mystery Train” (1953) and incorporating banjo and viola, common instruments in country music, played by Rhiannon Giddens on “Texas Hold ‘Em”.

She’s not sorry for sticking up to the white gatekeepers of country music who have attempted to exclude black artists from the space, despite black and brown artists being the pioneers of this genre.


And guess what? Her country singles have created a ripple effect, that’s bringing in new audiences for other black female country acts like Brittney Spencer, Mickey Guyton, and Tanner Adell. Could that be the “Ms. Carter effect” in action? She’s THAT girl!









 Really excited to see what Slayoncé has in store for us with Act III. Maybe a rock album? Or maybe the long-awaited visuals (we might NOT be the visuals after all *winks*). We’ll just have to cool off and wait it out till then. Be sure to shop the Beyoncé Collection now on



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