Chat with Our Co-Founder & Curator: Unveiling the Vision Behind artdey

Chat with Our Co-Founder & Curator: Unveiling the Vision Behind artdey

Ever wondered about the inspiration behind launching an online African art gallery? Join us in a chat with our visionary co-founder & curator, Chioma Onyenwe, as we delve into the driving force behind artdey and the mission to amplify underrepresented voices within the African art community.


Homeland by Niyosenga Pacifique


What Inspired the Journey? 

"In 2020, amidst the challenges of COVID-19, I saw talented artists, not the ones doing solo exhibitions, but those painting to survive, facing hardships as art markets shut down. The idea for artdey emerged – to bring Africa to the world when travel was restricted, ensuring art remained accessible, ensuring that the artists could make a sustainable income," shares Chioma Onyenwe.


Siblings by Quarshie Tornu


Bridging Gaps and Making Art Accessible

Chioma Onyenwe emphasizes, "Beyond showcasing renowned artists, artdey is a launchpad platform, we strive to provide a voice for those without established platforms, breaking down barriers for both artists and collectors who appreciate art for its intrinsic beauty. We aim to create a space where conversations around art are inclusive, breaking down barriers for both creators and appreciators."


Lady With The Rabbit by Luli


Amplifying Underrepresented Voices 

Chioma Onyenwe expresses pride in artdey’s impact on the African art community: "artdey provides a launchpad platform for artists to be recognized and profiled. We've witnessed artists soar to new heights with exhibitions and global recognition. Our vision extends beyond commerce, focusing on bridging cultural gaps and fostering global appreciation for the underrepresented expressions of African artists."



Tell Your Story by Ogochukwu Ejiofor


Art on Television: A New Frontier

Chioma Onyenwe describes artdey's innovative approach, "Featuring African art on television sparked conversations and inspired artists to showcase their work. In recent years, African music, literature, and films have gone global, and what about our art? We need more reach and I believe that art licensing for TV & Film can help put African art on that global stage as well"


Selfrace by Chukwuemeka Michaels

For the Art Enthusiast in Everyone

Chioma Onyenwe emphasizes, "I'd say we are geared towards first-time collectors who don't need to know the language of art but can just appreciate beauty for what it is. The platform caters to individuals who appreciate art for its beauty, not just investors or seasoned collectors. With competitive prices and an online presence, artdey seeks to offer pieces that complement living spaces."


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We invite you to join the conversation, sharing thoughts and being part of the journey towards a more inclusive and accessible world of African art. Stay tuned for more insights into the vision and passion that drive artdey.


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