Lekki Art & Craft Market Lagos

Lekki Art & Craft Market

Art is everywhere in Lagos. Murals adorn the cityscape and most of the yellow buses that serve as public transportation for the millions of people that call Lagos home. In various, sometimes improbable, locations, small markets have sprung up for local artists and artisans to display their wares. For many, the talent is undeniable even in those humble makeshift galleries. 

One of the largest open-air galleries in Lagos and where many of the artists featured on artdey.com have physical storefronts is at the Lekki Arts & Craft Market. The market is located off the sprawling Lekki-Epe Expressway about nine kilometers from Victoria Island. The road to it is near impassable, with deep potholes that are treacherous when it rains. Nevertheless, daily crowds throng the market as produce as well as arts is sold there. 

Lekki Art & Craft Market

At the arts section, everything from art to jewelry, clothing, intricately designed small furniture is sold at the sprawling market. It can be hard to find gems in the market. Mass-produced trinkets abound and one of a kind pieces can be the exception. Once found, tough negotiation is almost mandatory; however, the shopkeepers are generally friendly and solicitous. 

Lekki Art & Craft Market

COVID-19 has been tough on the market, particularly for the artists we represent. Lockdowns and curfews along with the seasonal rains resulted in diminished crowds and the usual overseas visitors hunting for souvenirs are a distant memory. 

Our mission at artdey is to bring back some of the colour and vibrancy of this unique marketplace to the world. We strive to keep our prices as accessible as possible. Our artist blogs aim to share some insight on the lives, goals and aspirations of the artists. 

We’re open to feedback! Please email us at hello@artdey.com for any inquiries and questions. 

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