New Art For The New Year: Explore Our Latest Curated Collection of African Art

New Art For The New Year: Explore Our Latest Curated Collection of African Art

 This year, artdey is embarking on an exciting mission. After months of careful strategizing, we're thrilled to present an outstanding lineup of art from African artists in Nigeria. Our NEW collection showcases a blend of established artists like Abiola Daniel and Wilson Dixon, alongside fresh talents we've not previously worked with, such as Andrew Asobo and Samuel T Kayode. Rigorously sourced and handpicked, our collection boasts over 40 diverse pieces of art.

These remarkable pieces seamlessly weave elements of African culture, incorporating Ankara fabrics, local traditions, and much more. With this new collection, you'll be transported to Ikire, Osun state, savoring the delectable Dodo Ikire. Experience the bright lates on a Luminous Lagos with its cacophony and vibrancy, and feel the rhythmic beat of the drum resonating in your chest as you sway in your agbada after the Owambe Party. It is a compelling collection that artfully encapsulates the rich heritage of Africa.

Here are some highlights from our new collection:

Durbar by Andrew Asobo, 2023

Introducing Andrew Asobo, a self-taught Nigerian artist, and his captivating piece, "Durbar." This artwork, created with vibrant oil paints, transports viewers to the Durbar festival, showcasing the colorful warrior regalia worn by its participants. Asobo's work not only celebrates the historical richness of the festival but also explores the intrinsic connection between humanity and nature. A true gem that brings tradition to life with every brushstroke. Shop this piece here.



 Orange Frame Of Mind by Samuel T Kayode, 2023

Another one of our new treasures, Kayode creates abstract portrait figures like this piece, Orange Frame Of Mind, which depicts a portrait of a woman but her face appears to be covered in a mask. The viewer is expected to take away their interpretation of this piece. Buy this piece here.


Family by Wilson Dixon, 2023

This is a striking new addition from our veteran artist, Wilson. This piece attests to his creative genius as he utilizes acrylic to create slightly abstract figures of a “family”. Family sits on pieces of old newspaper, the perfect addition to this exquisite piece. Shop this piece here.


More Developments For artdey In 2024: 


Signing Up New Artists

This year we’re even more committed to seeking out fresh and innovative African artists. Our objective is to connect with emerging talents from various parts of Africa. Putting African art on a global stage is essential to our mission, and that’s why we're collaborating with more vendors to promote local art. If you're an artist interested in showcasing your work with us, be sure to reach out.


Creating an Art Community

artdey is not just an online gallery; we are committed to fostering a community of art collectors, African artists, and film industry professionals. Connect with us on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and X to join our vibrant community.


Sharing Educational Resources

Building on last year's efforts, we are stepping up our game in 2024. We’ll be sharing a series of tips and tricks designed exclusively for African artists and art enthusiasts. Elevate your artistic skills with valuable insights and guidance.


An Improved Art Licensing Service for TV & Film

Following the success of our art licensing service in 2023, which featured our pieces in Apple TV’s "Truth Be Told" and Peacock’s "Bel-Air," we are thrilled to announce an amplified Art Licensing service in 2024. Whether you dream of licensing art or seeing your creations on the big screen, anticipate more details soon.


2024 promises to be a year filled with art, industry news and insights, valuable tips for young artists, and a more refined art licensing experience for TV & Film. Join us on this exciting journey as we continue to celebrate and promote the diverse and vibrant world of African art. Explore our brand-new collection here.







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