Artist Spotlight: Benjamin Omoike's Artistic Journey

Artist Spotlight: Benjamin Omoike's Artistic Journey

Benjamin Omoike is still riding high after exhibiting a few of his pieces at the +234 Art Fair, curated by the Soto Gallery in conjunction with Eco Bank's Pan African Art Centre. We sat down with Benjamin Omoike to delve into his journey as an artist. Learn more about his inspirations, influences, factors that led to his success, his greatest achievements, and much more.


Benjamin Omoike Photograpghed at the +234 Art Fair

artdey: What inspired you to pursue an art career, and how did your artistic journey begin?

Benjamin Omoike: Firstly, let me start by saying that I studied science in secondary school. It's a long story, but I'll keep it brief. I was admitted into the year one program for Electrical/Electronics Engineering, but I encountered issues due to a pass in chemistry. During my clearance period, the Head Of Department refused to sign for me, leading me to change my course to Art & Design, which was the only option left. That same day, I visited the Art & Design Department, and everything seemed unfamiliar to me. During that period, we were asked to participate in Basic Drawings, where we had to draw a sculptural piece for about 2 hours before the lecturer arrived to assess our work. Upon returning to class, he selected three best works and three worst works, and unfortunately, mine fell into the latter category. He criticized the bad work harshly, unaware of the challenges faced by the students behind the work. This experience left me feeling discouraged, so I couldn’t attend class for the rest of the week. However, after that week, I returned to class and met a guy who had already completed Civil Engineering and had returned to start Art & Design. He claimed that the work of art years would yield what Civil Engineering couldn’t, and I resonated with his perspective. This led to us becoming best friends and collaborating to overcome obstacles, eventually achieving success.

artdey: Were there any specific influences, events, or individuals who played a significant role in shaping your early artistic endeavors?

Benjamin Omike: Yes, after my first year, I participated in a 4-month internship at Universal Studios in National Theatre, Iganmu. There, I received intensive training in art, covering drawing, painting, and insights into exhibitions & art shows. I worked alongside Mr. Patrick, Mr. Joshua, Mr. Olaku, Mr. Wallence Ejor, and others, forging friendships with classmates like Ajakaiye Taiye, who has since become like a brother to me. Together, we shared numerous artistic ideas that have proven beneficial to our respective careers.

artdey: Reflecting on your artistic Journey, what do you consider to be the key factors that contributed to your success as an artist?

Benjamin Omoike: What I feel has contributed to my success as an artist is consistency. Even though the beginning wasn’t always easy, I persevered. At some point, I lost artwork to theft, but it didn't deter me from pursuing my dreams. I kept working to improve, aiming to surpass my previous efforts. Additionally, being surrounded by other artists motivates me to strive for excellence. Engaging with fellow artists, and learning from their experiences, both positive and negative, inspires me to push boundaries and continually evolve in my artistic journey.


Serenity 02 by Benjamin Omike (2022)


artdey: What are some of your career achievements that you’re most proud of?

Benjamin Omoike: I take pride in being one of the pioneers in establishing ArtInThePark @ Muri Okunola for affordable art between 2018 and 2020. During this time, numerous pieces from my collection were sold out, and I discovered my unique style in art. Subsequently, collaborating with Artdey elevated my status, making me one of the top artists featured in their monthly Pop-ups. Establishing relationships with art collectors abroad has significantly contributed to my career growth and global exposure. Currently, I've been selected to participate in an online visual exhibition hosted by Harmer Gallery in the United Kingdom 🇬🇧, alongside a select group of international artists. Additionally, the recent exhibition with +234art, curated by Soto Gallery, provided a platform to showcase my works alongside other top and emerging Nigerian artists. Participating in masterclasses during this exhibition further enriched my artistic knowledge and skills.

artdey: Lastly, your work was recently displayed at Eco Bank & Soto Gallery’s +234 Art fair. How does that make you feel?

Benjamin Omoike: It was truly a remarkable opportunity and privilege to have my art showcased at the +234 Art Fair. I had been eagerly awaiting an exhibition of this caliber to showcase my new works, and being selected as one of the featured artists was a dream come true. This experience reaffirms that I have much more to offer, and it motivates me to continue refining my craft. As I continue to work diligently, my art evolves, setting higher standards with each creation.

Benjamin’s stunning mixed media pieces that blend rope, fabric, and paint to create poignant portraits are available on Shop his stunning pieces here.


Brotherhood by Benjamin Omoike (2022)

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