Bright Osadolor

Bright Osadolor

Bright Osadolor from Edo state in mid-western Nigeria started painting at the age of six. “I love the way artists hold their brushes and the sheer combination of brush, imagination and paint. I thought to myself, if others can do it, then I too can.”

“My older brother had a studio and I worked with him there for years before I finally got my own store.  I am happier ever since I discovered painting. I have five siblings and four of us are artists. My brothers belong to an artist community but I do not since I did not learn the way they did. I have been painting for 16 years,” he said.

Bright is an abstract artist and his inspiration comes from his imagination, and he believes that a man who is able to use his imagination does great things. He’s passionate about sharing his art far and wide.

 “When I watch movies and see my art, it gives me joy knowing that something I made has made it that far and traveled wide and near while I’m here still trying to catch up”, he says.

We asked Bright to share his challenges with us and he said so far, it has been pricing. “We price our art based on several factors and we have had to increase our prices based on those factors. If a customer bought something a month ago, comes back for more, and realize the price has gone up, they start to complain. We do not increase the prices intentionally; it is because of how the market is. Prices are very unstable and that affect us as well.”

We asked Bright to share what his favorite work is. “My favorite painting is not in the studio but I named it a coat of many colors. It is about a beautiful family, and it was inspired by what our parents used to tell us back in the day when you have exams – ‘pass your exams in flying colors’. 

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