Meet the Artist: Achike Anayo

Meet the Artist: Achike Anayo

Despite not being raised on arts with a father who wanted him to be focused on sciences, Achike Anayo Miracle concentrated on arts from an early age. His love for art shadowed every interest shown to him, which allowed his father to realize nothing would divert his interest from art and allowed him to exercise his passion.

Exploring various art mediums, he is more drawn to acrylics, watercolors, charcoals, pastels, and mixed mediums; he illustrates his work drawn from daily events, the people he relates with, and global issues. Balancing being a father, husband and artist allow him to paint in relaxation when the hose is empty.

He describes art as a mirror through which society views itself and accesses its beauty, success, and failures. “Art is a vital tool for documentation. The history of a society can be passed to many generations because artists document the events. It is a communication tool to preach love, protest, and admonish.”

He creates art to cause a change, express his dissatisfaction with bad leadership rampant across Africa, and cause an awakening in the hearts of citizens to take change by force.

Describing success as the ability of his work to influence a person to do the right thing despite being surrounded by people doing the wrong things. “Success is when my work triggers conversations that birth change, that opens the eyes of the masses and electorates to see the tricks being played by the ruling class and to keep people as slaves in poverty.”

With his purpose being rooted in self-discovery, self-awareness, freedom, and a better life for all, he wants to sell his work globally as a documentation of current events for the future generation and to get his voice to a broader audience where issues he addresses in his art can be discussed amongst the elites for a positive intervention.

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