Meet The Artist: Juachi, Embracing the Essence of Abstract Expression

Meet The Artist: Juachi, Embracing the Essence of Abstract Expression

Juachi's artistic style manifests her thoughts and emotions conveyed through abstract forms that defy conventional representation. 

Themes of self-reflection, the human experience, and the world around her permeate Juachi's artwork. Drawing inspiration from the rich artistic heritage of her Nigerian roots, particularly the traditional Igbo art and architecture, she seamlessly weaves elements of cultural symbolism into her creations. The Art Nouveau movement's organic beauty and expressive forms also influence her work, adding an enchanting touch to her artistic repertoire.

Juachi's creative process is a dance between meticulous planning and spontaneous creation. She often starts with a seed of an idea, which she nurtures and refines over time. Sketches and preliminary studies help her shape her vision before she brings it to life on canvas. She sometimes allows intuition to guide her, surrendering to the moment and letting her artistic instincts take over. The result is a harmonious blend of thoughtful intention and free-flowing expression.

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Juachi's artistic journey has been punctuated by significant moments that have shaped her career and reaffirmed her creative path. Her first exhibition in 2015 marked a milestone in her artistic growth, igniting a spark of recognition and providing the momentum to continue pushing the boundaries of her craft. Another memorable milestone came in 2017 when a collector acquired two pieces from her groundbreaking "journalling" series. This affirmation of her unique artistic style propelled her forward, encouraging her to trust her creative vision.

Like any artist, Juachi has faced her share of challenges. Finding time to dedicate to her art amidst the demands of life can be a constant struggle. However, she has realised that creating art is a luxury necessary for her personal growth and fulfilment. By prioritising her artistic practice and making space for it daily, Juachi has found a way to overcome these challenges and continue evolving as an artist.

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The balance between maintaining her artistic vision and accommodating client or commission requests has been a delicate process for Juachi. While she values creative freedom, she also recognizes the importance of meeting the needs and desires of her clients. Striking a harmonious balance between the two is a testament to her adaptability and artistic versatility.

In moments of creative block or self-doubt, Juachi has learned to embrace the ebb and flow of the artistic process. Rather than resisting these periods, she views them as valuable opportunities for introspection and self-discovery. Engaging in activities that nourish her artistic spirit, such as writing, exploring other artistic disciplines, or immersing herself in nature, helps her reignite her creative spark and find new inspiration.

To aspiring visual artists embarking on their creative journey, Juachi offers sage advice:

  • Embrace experimentation.

  • Trust the artistic process.

  • Stay true to your unique vision.

Juachi envisions a future filled with boundless creativity and artistic growth. She aspires to continue creating art that resonates deeply with viewers, exploring new ideas and pushing the boundaries of her craft. With each brushstroke, she aims to captivate collectors and art enthusiasts, inviting them to join her on an ever-evolving artistic journey.

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