The Female Perspective through Ogochukwu Ejiofor

The Female Perspective through Ogochukwu Ejiofor

A member of the Association of Female Artists Nigeria, Sister Art Visual Global Community, and the Society of Nigerian Artists, Ogochukwu Ejiofor is a mixed media artist interested in telling stories of the female experience through textured illustrations.

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With influences from artists like Promise Onali, Sam Ovraiti, Peju Alatise, Bruce Onabrakpeya and the Nsukka Art School, she sees success as the value measured from one work "Success isn't how much you get, but how valuable your work is, and this value is measured by the impact it has to your audience. It is a total win for me when a client tells me how my artwork has been able to help them heal/ deal with what they are going through. Better still, bring a genuine smile or laugh due to a memory they relive through my art. that means the world. Money is just an additional thing to my art success."

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She also emphasizes that happiness is seeing her clients relate to her work through their positive or negative experiences to heal from what they usually would not speak about, as most of her pieces come from personal life experiences and the lives of people around her.

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 On the importance of art, she states that it is a continuous way to tell our story and preserve culture, values and tradition.

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