The Surrealist World of Ewurama Amankwah

The Surrealist World of Ewurama Amankwah

Raised on art and inspired by mental health awareness, image composition and Salvador Dali, surrealist Ghanian artist: Ewurama Amankwah sees art as an expression of emotions that can be shared with the world while still considering art's close relationship and contribution to culture and tourism.

Her work, "Face Your Demons", depicts feelings of loneliness and isolation from the world beyond the protagonist's reach. She describes the painting as: "a feeling of standing in a crowded room for no one to see, with no one noticing and the cycle of thinking the same thoughts and doing the same actions."

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"Cop with Life", on the other hand, pushes the notion through its detailed yet rough brushwork of blues and reds to illustrate rain and a long road ahead for naked yet covered people, that the ultimate goal of humans is to achieve their happiness for it is an act that can only be performed by our handwork and is the true motivation behind every behaviour.

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Lastly, "Mending Pieces" brings us back to Amankwah's haunting style, showing a person drowning under a waterfall. Through this painting, she describes the pain of life, the struggles of a life of vacuum and the repeated thoughts of ending life and daily routines on one's behaviour.

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The art of Ewurama Amankwah is both charming and haunting. It's surreal, dreamy, and full of beauty and wonders. Then there are those moments when you feel she is saying quite a lot about life—our lives—something we all experience but rarely talk about.

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