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Achike Anayo is a multi-disciplinary artist interested in exploring possibilities with acrylics, oils, charcoal, and pen and incorporating other media and found objects to create collages and mixed media works.

He is known for his distorted human figures. He negotiates the canvas space with symbolism because the human figure typically embodies the narratives he wants to share with his audience. The bulgy eyes of his subjects depict the fact that we live in a generation where everyone is exposed, knowledgeable and wise in their own eyes, without realizing that they can also self-imprison themselves with their knowledge.

The stretched necks of his figures portray the greedy nature of man/woman. In all their getting and achievements, man keeps looking for and striving to acquire more, the absence of the ear in his figures is his way of reckoning that people of his generation do not listen and often go against advice, counsel or rebuke.

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