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Founded by Charles Okah, The Flying Bushman, the Bushman Collective is a team of creatives that strive to make life beautiful.

The Flying BushMan

Boloebi Charles Okah is a multidisciplinary artist that works with mixed media. His colourful paintings represent his vibrant culture in Nigeria, and his distinctive personal style emanates joy, peace, and a free spirit.


Esther Obiwuru is a visual artist based in Lagos, Nigeria. Her style is inspired by her environment, childhood memories, and way of life. She got into art the day she was an involuntary change of course in her then school, Lagos State University of Science and Technology - Art and Industrial Design. Since then, she has found it exciting and inspiring.


Akuekwesi Orji picked up art at the age of 8. She would exchange comic stories with classmates, but it died out just as quickly in high school because of its lack of art tutors. A more significant part of her life was filled with “don’t waste your time drawing”, but regardless, she taught herself how to use oil pigments to create art again.


Samuel Exson is a rising artist based in Lagos, Nigeria, who reinvented himself as a full-time artist and a muralist after coming to Lagos. He works with different media, but a special place in his heart belongs to murals on walls and on canvas. Society and nature inspire his art.


Solomon Samuel didn’t grow up painting or drawing; his passion began in secondary school. He is inspired by everything around him.

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