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Benjamin Omoike

Oo wo Ankara, Oo je Semo(Owanbe Mood)

Oo wo Ankara, Oo je Semo(Owanbe Mood)

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"You no wear Ankara you no go chop semo Mostly nothing happens without our Aso Ebi… Eat at home or eatery before you go for any ceremony. You need to concentrate on the event and not think of food. If you’re served fine if you’re not served fine. If you’re important enough to the person you will be served even if you come naked. When some Yoruba women storm your Owanbe party we get to see someplace their concentration on when the food is served and lose focus on the event itself some come without even knowing what the event entails maybe it's a naming, wedding, or burial ceremony."


  • Original artwork, 2024
  • Fabric, ropes acrylic on canvas 
  • 47.2 * 39.8 inches
  • Unframed


  • The painting is signed by the artist Benjamin Omoike.
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